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1: Weapons and Equipment


Kokiri Sword - Young Link's sword
Find the training center in Kokiri Forest. It's in the south part
of town next to the Know-It-All-Brothers house. In the back is a
small cave. Go up to the cave and press A to enter. Crawl
through, dodge the boulder, and find the treasure box containing
the sword.

Master Sword - Adult Link's primary sword, needed to travel in
Found in the Temple of Time after you have all 3 Spiritual Stones

Giant's Knife - Adult Link only, really big sword. Breaks easily
Can be bought for 200 rupees from the giant Goron. As Adult Link,
find the wall in the third floor that can be bombed (it is between
two bomb plants) and bomb your way through to the Giant Goron.

Goron's Sword - Version of the Giant's Knife that won't break
Follow Adult Link's trading sequence to get it.


Deku Shield - Young Link's primary shield (press R to use it)
Collect 40 rupees in Kokiri Forest by slashing bushes and breaking
rocks, etc. and buy it in the Kokiri Forest's shop.

Hylian Shield - Adult Link's primary shield, young Link can use it
to block falling rocks while climbing Death Mountain.
Can be bought or found in the Kakariko village graveyard. Look
for a grave in the graveyard that has three flowers in front of it
and pull it to get the shield.

Mirror Shield - Adult Link Only. Reflects magical attacks and
light. Can also absorb some magical attacks and then fire them
back out.
Found in the Spirit Temple. (See walkthru)


Kokiri Tunic - Link starts with this.

Goron Tunic - Adult Link only. Let's you go in the Death Mountain
crater, is resistant to heat.
Can be bought at the Goron store. Also, can find by talking to
the young Goron named after you. He's on the third floor of Goron
City when you are adult Link. Use a bomb to stop him from
rolling, then talk to him to get the tunic.

Zora Tunic - Allows you to breathe under water.
Can be bought in the Zora's Domain shop. Can also be obtained from
the Zora King. To get it from the Zora King, as adult Link go
into the Ice Cavern at Zora's Fountain (behind the King's throne
room) and find a magic blue flame. Catch the magic blue flame in
a bottle and return to the frozen King Zora and use it to melt
him. Talk to him and he'll give you the tunic.


Kokiri Boots - Link starts with this.

Iron Boots - Adult Link Only. Makes you sink to the bottom of any
Found in the Ice Cavern at Zora's Fountain (behind King Zora's
throne room). It's at the end of the Ice Cavern level (See

Hover Boots - Adult Link Only. Allows you to "float" over air and
water for a few seconds.
Found in the Shadow Temple ( See walkthrough).

C-Button items:

Young Link Only items:

Mask of Truth - Allows you to talk to the gossip stones (those
stones that tell you the time when you hit them with your sword).
Complete Young Link's Trading Sequence

Deku Sticks - Can be lit with a fire and then used to light
Bought in stores or obtained from killing Deku Baba's (the man-
eating plants).

Fairy Slingshot - Shoot enemies from a distance.
Found inside the Deku Tree in a room with a floating block that
falls when you step on it.

Boomerang - Stuns or kills enemies from a distance. Returns to
Found inside Jabu-Jabu's belly. Find a room with all flying fish
in it and kill the flying fish to get it.

Fairy Ocarina - Plays magical music.
Given to you by Saria when you first leave Kokiri Forest.

Magic Bean - Can be planted in soft soil.
Can be bought from a character near the entrance to Zora's River
for 10 rupees for the first one and then an additional 10 rupees
each one after that.
Soft soil locations to plant Magic Beans:
- To the right of the shop in Kokiri forest. The shop is the
building with the red roof.
- In the Lost Woods, two areas left of the first area.
- In the Lost Woods, go R,L,R,L,L.
- In the Northeast corner of the Kakariko Graveyard
- The entrance to Dodongo's Cavern
- Right next to the guy that's selling the beans at Zora's River
- Next to the Lake Hylia lab
- In Gerudo Valley (fall down to a platform on the right side of
the bridge and far side of the river)
- At the Desert Colossus, right next to the entrance to the Spirit
Temple (use Requiem of Spirit)
- In the Death Mountain Crater (use Bolero of Fire to get to it)

Adult Link Only items:

Fairy Bow - Fires arrows from a distance.
Found in the Forest Temple in the upper Stalfos room (See

Fire Arrows - Exploding arrows made of fire that take some MP to
After beating the Water Temple, stand on the island and face the
small island with two pillars on it that's across the water from
you (there's a plaque here explaining this) and shoot the rising
sun with an arrow. The fire arrow will drop to the small island.

Ice Arrows - Freezes enemies. Uses MP.
Complete the Gerudo Training Grounds. (See walkthrough)

Light Arrows - Very powerful arrows. Uses MP.
Gained automatically when have 6 pendants and return to Temple of

Hookshot - Allows Link to grab things from a distance and pull
himself to them.
Found in the Kakiriko village graveyard. Look for the grave stone
with flowers in front of it on the far west side of the grave
yard, close to the entrance. Pull it to reveal a hole. Fall down
to talk to the gravedigger and you'll have to race him. Keep up
with him and he'll give you his hookshot.

Megaton Hammer - Destroys red boulders, smashes down rusted
switches, and other useful stuff. Can be used as a weapon.
Found in the Fire Temple in Death Mountain. (See walkthrough)

Shared items:

Deku Nuts - Stuns the enemy.
Bought in stores or found.

Bombs - Blows up enemies, rocks, secret tunnels, etc. Can be
thrown. Very useful.
Found in Dodongo's Cavern. (See walkthrough)

Ocarina of Time - Same as fairy ocarina. Needed for time travel.
Found in Hyrule Castle's moat after Princess Zelda throws it

Lens of Truth - See invisible things and see through fake walls.
Uses magic. Also can look in the treasure chests in the treasure
chest game as young Link!
Play the Song of Storms in the windmill as young Link, and the
well will be drained. Go down the well and you'll be taken to the
Bottom of the Well level. Beat it to get the Lens of Truth. (See

Bombchu - A bomb that runs along the ground and up walls until it
hits something or a certain time passes then blows up.
Get 40 Gold Skulltula Tokens and then go to the house of the
cursed rich family in Kakariko Village and one of the children
will give it to you. Also can be won from the Bombchu Bowling
game and some other mini-games. At night there is a bombchu shop
in the back alley of the market when you are young Link. Can be
bought from a guy on a flying carpet in the desert.

Quest Related Items:

Stone of Agony - Makes a Rumble Pack start "beating" when you're
near a secret
Get 20 Gold Skulltula tokens and take them to the cursed family in
Kakariko Village (See Skultulla Locations)

Gerudo's Card - Allows you to walk around Gerudo's Fortress
Get by freeing all 4 carpenters in Gerudo's Fortress (See

The 3 Stones - Along with the Ocarina of Time and Song of Time,
allows you to open the Door of Time in the Temple of Time to get
the Master Sword and warp through - you guessed it - Time
Get from beating the Deku Tree, Dodonogo's Cavern, and Jabu-Jabu's
Belly levels. (See walkthrough)

The Six Medallions - Needed to beat Gannondorf as adult Link
Get by defeating the 5 temples and get the first one for free.
(See walkthrough)

Other equipment:

Increased carrying capacity and other upgrades.


Goron's Bracelet - Young Link Only. Allows you to pick up Bomb
plants and bushes.
Get from the King of the Gorons after playing Saria's Song to make
him happy again.

Silver Gauntlet- Allows you to pick up heavy stones.
Found in the Spirit Temple. See the walkthrough.

Golden Gauntlet - Allows you to pick up really heavy stuff.
Found in Gannon's Castle. See the walkthrough.

Silver Scale - Allows you to dive for longer.
Get from winning the diving game in Zora's Domain. The diving
game is in the tunnel to the left of King Zora's throne room.

Gold Scale - Allows you to dive for even longer.
Beat the record you set as young Link at the fishing pond (if you
didn't make a record, catch a record breaker now and then catch
one that beats it). You'll either have to plant a magic bean next
to the Lake Hylia Lab as young link, beat the Water Temple, or use
the Scarecrow's Song and a hookshot in order to get to the fishing
pond. Try finding the huge fish near the sticks sticking out of
the water and under the log in the middle of the lake. Use your
Iron Boots to look under water to help you find it.

Longshot (Upgrade for Hookshot) - Found in the Water Temple after
beating the mini-boss (See walkthrough).

Carrying Capacity upgrades:

Increased Deku Nuts 1: Go R,L,R,L,L in the Lost Woods and fall
down the hole in the grass near the butterflies. Wear the Mask of
Truth and be judged. The shrubs will decide that you are ugly but
give you the Deku Nut upgrade anyway. Unconfirmed.

Increased Deku Nuts 2: Go R,L,R,L,F,L in the Lost Woods and bomb
the rock there. Fall down and beat the first shrub guy and pay
him 40 rupees to get the upgrade to 30 Deku Nut capacity.

Increased Deku Seeds 1: Go to the Lost Woods. Go right from the
first room and you'll see a round gray object hanging from a tree.
Hit it with your slingshot. Get three bullseye's in a row (100
points is a bullseye) and you'll get a bigger Deku Seed bag that
holds 40 Deku seeds.

Increased Deku Seeds 2: In the market is a target shooting game.
Hit all the targets to increase your Deku seed carrying capacity
to 50 seeds.

Increased Deku Sticks 1: Go to the Lost Woods. Go left from the
first room and then go on to the next room after that. Walk
across the room to the ramp on the other end, and one of those
bush monsters will be there. Knock it out by deflecting it's
bullet back to it and it will ask you for 40 rupees. Pay the 40
rupees and you'll get a 20 Deku stick carrying capacity.

Increased Deku Sticks 2: Borrow a Skull Mask from the Happy Mask
Shop as young Link. Go to the Lost Woods and go R,L,R,L,L. Walk
in the grass in the back of this area near a bunch of butterflies
until you fall down a secret hole. Immediately put on your skull
mask and walk forward. All these little guys will start hopping
around you. Make your way to the right to a bush monster that's
still submerged in the ground and try to talk to him (try swinging
your sword?) to get a 30 Deku Stick carrying capacity. You can
also wear other masks in this area to get other prizes.

Increased Bombs 1: In Goron City there is a wild rolling Goron on
the 3rd floor. Stop him from rolling while he's in the tunnel by
using a bomb. He'll give you a Big Bomb Bag which allows you to
carry 30 bombs.

Increased Bombs 2: One of the random prizes in the Bombchu
Bowling game is a bigger Bomb Bag which allows you to hold 40

Increased arrows 1: You can get a bigger quiver (40 arrow
capacity) by playing the Shooting Gallery in Kakariko Village.

Increased arrows 2: Win at the Gerudo fortress shooting range
with 1500 points (after getting the HCP for 1000) to get a 50
arrow quiver.